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As today 27/9/16 is Googles 18th Birthday a little word on Googles ad campaigns.

In  a world where everyone is going social media mad and for businesses to thrive on free advertising being aiming straight at your target audience, there has to be a thought for those that are being left behind.

As the internet is more popular than ever and getting faster by the day, if you don’t have high speed internet then your in the dark ages.

Here at turbo solutions we want to embrace the internet thus creating jobs within the  company.

Google are apart of the the social media service’s allowing you to find your desired website at super speed, the only thing i find with Google as there seams to be a bias opinion from them.if you are using there social media sites they tend to pop up first!

why don’t they treat all sites equal? why do they keep changing the algorithms?

As a business turbo solutions have created a job for an SEO analyst this ensures we keep up with the trends in the market.



Paper Driving Licence now expired

As you may or may not be aware the paper licence has now been made defunct, so there is no need for your wallet or purse to be bulked out by carrying it (how many people actually carried it with them?) not many I bet.

So yet another thing is stored on a central database all your driving details (points included) MOT, Insurance and your Tax Disc which has now disappeared.

The only people I see benefiting from this at the moment is the police with them having with there automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system saving time on pulling people over to check there details! The problem I see with that is there will be people driving someone else’s car with no insurance, and when the (ANPR) picks up the vehicle all is fine.

There is talk that when hiring a car it become a bit of a nightmare for the hire company as they have to request details, however just the other day I hired a van from hertz on-line to which they have vehicle parked outside a well known DIY store and all i did was purchase a fob from the DIY store and booked it on-line that did not work straight away more down to myself being in rush so i rang them completed what the needed to know and away i went with in 30 minutes, not a mention of anything about my licence other than the licence number.

It wont be long before the only thing you will need is your thumb print and it can do everything including cash withdrawals and payments.

Turbo Solutions the company

I have now worked with Turbo Solutions for the last five years on various projects and my new role within the company is as SEO analyst.

I have been doing a lot of research on turbochargers and other turbo companies to make sure we cover all area’s of the market,  also ensuring that we are supplying you with the very best product out there.

As i have been researching other turbo companies to see what they are offering , the one thing i have seen in everyone’s marketing plan to stand out in everyone’s mind is that they all start their advertising with TURBO SOLUTIONS in the header.

does this hurt Turbo Solutions as a company?

First of all i would like to answer that question by giving a bit of background to ourselves, we were only one of four company’s in the market 7 years ago when we were formed,we only employ the very best in the turbo re-manufacturing industry, with our staff having a combined 107 years experience between them.

we have gone from strength to strength over the last 7 years increasing in staff and the level of service we offer is second to none.

So back to why are company’s using TURBO SOLUTIONS in their marketing plan?, i can only assume that ourselves are well known for quality, service and most of all our product.

Why else would someone want to use another company’s name in their marketing?

I have only been with turbo solutions for a short period as a full-time employee and for me its like one big family this ensures that pride has been taken from the turbocharger being acquired by ourselves all the way through to it delivered to your doorstep .

In conclusion:- if someone buys from one of our competitors unknowingly and their product fails which this has happened, as we have had them wanting to speak to our technical team.

when they realise their mistake they record our number for future reference, in the long term Turbo Solutions are here to stay. Continue reading Turbo Solutions the company

Michael Schumacher still in a coma.

We would like to see Michael Shumacher come out of his coma.

It has been a month now since the skiing accident, and doctors put him into a medically induced coma, were they thought it would be safer for him to recover.

However there is now talk that he may not come out of this, newspapers speculating as usual to make money! lets all hope this is not the case and he makes a full recovery.

As everyone will agree he is one of Formula 1’s greats, winning 91 races out of 306 starts and 155 podium finishes with 7 titles to his name.


A brief History of a Turbocharger

A brief History of a Turbocharger
Life began in 1885, when a German inventor called Gottlieb Daimler discovered and patented a way of using a gear driven pump that pushes air into an internal combustion engine.

It took another 20 years before a swiss engineer Alfred Buchi, the head of a diesel engine research company in Winterhur, when he patent the use of a compressor driven exhaust gasses to force air into an internal combustion engine to increase power output .

In the First World War a French engineer fitted the turbocharger to Renault engines which powered French fighter planes, and then in 1918 a general electric engineer fitted a turbo to a v12 Liberty aircraft engine.

The engine was demonstrated in Colorado, the results shown that the turbo can eliminate power loss at high altitudes.

Originally all forced induction devices were known as superchargers, nowadays “supercharger” usually refer to a belt driven turbo.

Turbochargers were first used in production aircraft engines, ships and trains in the 1920s.

It wasn’t till 1962 before the first turbocharged production car arrived on the scene when general motors, were they used a turbo jet fire engine in the oldsmobile Jetfire and later the turbocharger was modified and used in the Chevrolet Corvair Monza Spyder a month later, the vehicle was released with a Garrett Airesearch turbocharger, a vacuum actuator was used to increase the power and compared to the natural aspirated engine (non turbo) was significant, but the reliability of these engines was poor and production was stopped in 1963.

There wasn’t another mass produced vehicle until 1973 when BMW launched the 2002 Turbo at the Frankfurt motor show this was short lived and due to safety over the excessive turbo lag and the oil crisis, it was discontinued in 1974.

In 1974 when the oil crisis was at its peak Porsche released the 911 and still today it has stood the test of time becoming one of the classics.

In 1977 Saab released the Saab 99 with turbo charger.

From 1978 onwards most manufacturers have released turbocharged Cars.

Creating a new website.

Turbo Solutions have now had the new website live for a month now, and the response has been great.

We initially had the website setup and created by a third party company, after going through the site page by page there are a lot of important details missing that could only be done in house .

This is a painstaking job as all web designer will know, but very rewarding once all the changes have been put in place. check out the  latest changes and if you have any suggestions please let us know.

Happy New Year

The first blog of the year, I trust everyone had a great Christmas and New Year.

We have had a busy start to the new year and are relishing the challenges that lie ahead, with plans for new machinery ensuring that all our turbochargers are being delivered to you in the highest quality, we have had the latest updates done to our existing gatetest hardware allowing us to test the latest line of actuators on the market.

We also have plans to to expand our ever growing staff and services, they are in the early stages of development and we will keep you informed as soon as we them have finalised.

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